“To play without passion is inexcusable!”

I have loved taking piano pedagogy lessons with Brenda. She been a wonderful help in building my confidence as a teacher and studio owner, encouraging me to think of creative solutions to teaching students and thoughtfully managing parents. In particular, Brenda’s patience in reshaping my piano technique by use of the Taubman approach has given drastic improvements to the neck pain I’d previously encountered as a freelance flautist. The skills taught through this approach are so transferable across different instruments and allow for better sound production and stamina during long orchestra calls. I strongly recommend Brenda’s lessons to both teachers and performers. (A.C.)

Although Brenda came to us highly recommended she has exceeded her reputation in the music community. Our daughter (who has an abundance of words and energy) has been patiently and lovingly dealt with by Brenda. This skilful teaching has produced a higher level of interest in music in my daughter and also significantly improved skills in a very short period of time. My wife and I couldn’t be more impressed with Brenda’s teaching methods and personal care for the individual student. (T.C.)

I have been playing the piano for many years and thought that I just couldn’t play certain pieces even though I practised them “properly.” I would pull up in front of my teacher’s house with trepidation because even though I had put in the hours, I knew I could not play with fluidity and confidence.  I am now finding out through Brenda’s help that I can play them without pain or cramping and I am gradually finding my confidence.  I am looking forward to lessons now because I know I will find a solution to any technical difficulty I am experiencing and be shown how to overcome it.  Thanks Brenda! (D.S.)

Brenda, you are truly such an inspiring teacher, honestly! It was so wonderful learning from you and I hope someday, I will be just as passionate and inspirational as you are! (C.H.)