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Pencil marks on scores for exams

Published: Jan 25, 2020  |   Category: Recitals and Exams

Students often ask how many of the pencil annotations we've made on their scores need to be erased for an AMEB exam. You can leave as much as you like scribbled all over the page, as long as the annotations don't contain the answers to any of the General Knowledge questions. You can even leave the removable highlighter tape if you wish, however if it is marking a trouble spot, you may be ale.....Read More

Mindset and Learning

Published: Jan 25, 2020  |   Category: General Information

Our mindset affects our ability to learn much more than we may realise. This is summed up beautifully in the graphic below:  Which mindset do you hav.....Read More

Active Repertoire - repost from Pianodao

Published: Jan 30, 2019  |   Category: Uncategorized

Here is an excellent post about working on repertoire by Andrew Eales of Pianodao. https://pianodao.com/2017/05/26/three-types-of-repertoire/.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!.....Read More


Published: Sep 6, 2018  |   Category: General Information, Taubman Approach, Posture at the Piano

Last month I celebrated some milestones. You can read about them in my blog post on the Piano Pedagogues website: https://www.pianopedagogues.com/single-post/2018/09/06/Anniversaries.....Read More

Cramming vs Spaced Practice

Published: Jan 11, 2016  |   Category: Practice Tips and Hints

Does cramming get a bad rap? Here is an excellent article that discusses the pros and cons of cramming to learn and spacing out learning. Some of the results will surprise you! http://www.bulletproofmusician.com/does-cramming-get-a-bad-rap/ I hope you will find some helpful information here for your practice sessions this week!.....Read More

Choreography of the Hands

Published: Jan 6, 2016  |   Category: Taubman Approach