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Missed Lessons Policy

Your tuition fees secure an exclusive lesson time slot in my schedule each week. Unlike a doctor or hairdresser, I cannot resell your time slot to another client. Creating extra teaching time in which to give make-up lessons means that I have to forgo time that I have set aside for other activities (usually family time). However I understand that 'life happens' (especially with regard to illness) and I will use my discretion when you contact me about needing to cancel a lesson. 

My timetable is very full at the moment, so scheduling make-up lessons is rather challenging. 

Here is the short version of my policy:

  • Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice shall not be made up.
  • Make-up lessons are at the teacher's discretion
  • Limit of two make-up lessons per term. Make-up lessons cannot be carried over into a new term. 
  • Lessons cancelled by the teacher shall be made up, refunded, or carried forward.

Here is the full version of my policy:

  • Lessons missed through the student’s non-attendance shall be charged, unless the circumstances, in the teacher’s opinion, warrant a special concession, in which case the teacher will endeavour to (but does not guarantee to) find an alternative time to make up the lesson within the term. 
  • Students who are suffering from colds or other infectious illnesses shall not attend the studio. It is unfair for the ill student to spread infection to the teacher, or to other students. An online lesson (via Zoom/Skype/Google Hangout) is the preferred solution to this situation. Should the student be too unwell to participate in an online lesson, provided as much notice as possible is given, every effort will be made to make up the lesson (limited to two per term).
  • Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice shall not be made up. 
  • Lessons missed without prior notice shall not be made up, nor shall lessons missed due to inadequate practice.
  • Online lessons (via Zoom, Skype or Google Plus Hangout) are available for students who are well enough to have a lesson but not well enough to leave home, or for situations such as lack of transport.
  • Two make up lessons shall be permitted each term, and may not be carried into a new term. Cancelled make-up lessons shall not be made up. 
  • Lessons cancelled by the teacher shall be made up, refunded, or carried forward.

As soon as you become aware of an event which may clash with your regular lesson schedule, you should notify me. This enables me to offer your time slot to another student who needs a make-up lesson, and gives me time to find a similar cancellation slot to offer you a make-up. Events such as school camps, excursions, speech night, and the like, are normally gazetted well in advance. I reserve the right to choose not to make up a missed lesson for such events if you give me short notice. 

If you choose to take holidays during term time, you will still need to pay for any lessons you might miss. Provided you give me plenty of notice, I will endeavour to make-up the lessons, within the guidelines posted above. 

Many teachers have adopted a strictly 'no make-up lessons' policy, because of the difficulties make-up lessons create for scheduling. You might like to read an article written by an economist on this topic: Make-Up Lessons.


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